An excursion nightmare!

Alright there was time when we had gone to Nepal, varanasi, calcutta and Delhi for the annual excursion. Calcutta was a nightmare, the food being highly inedible for humans, but Sr Celestine had bread butter as a come out from that moment of desperation….the weather was even worse, i still remember some of us had suffered from food poisoning too and in tht scenario in the midst of the thickly dark scary night with restless sleep I saw a black silhouette of someone standing in front of the huge table fan, i’d squinted my eyes blinked several times for a closer look and there I saw her pink gown flutter above her knees, eyes closed, her hair menacingly swept over her face I was on the upper bunk bed and I jumped and yelled. I’d screamed so loud tht everyone in the room went into a spasm of tremors and cries including vinita who was actually unable to sleep and was standing in front of the table fan because the heat was making her agitated. LMAO!!!!

via An excursion nightmare!.


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