Grade seven, 1994; a starkly dry afternoon, and the hollering winds ran chaotically around the corridors on the second level of the school building and seriously Computers was no longer the driest subject thanks to the advent of a young boy! That day he wore a purplish grey sweater and hot pair of jeans, this drop dead hunk had no other school to go to???? tht he opted on intruding the girls’ school where boys were strictly not allowed….and he had the backbone to enter our class wid an attitude and an air of dominance that too wid his thickly lashed eyes…the haughty appearance…..gentle curves of his muscles…… the lean built and a tender slope of his waist…and my eyes didnt sway a bit frm the arc of his neck……humph! He was our new computer teacher! The look on every girl’s face was a kisser, something tht some of us would die to haul back frm the depths of neverland (since most of us haf stopped feeling tht way for men in general) A silent insomnia devastatingly engulfed the class, and suddenly my partner Felicity Fernandez sneezed; a bad flu and a very bad cold, this day was definitely not hers to be in the class…… abruptly the wind went silent, the edginess within us died out, it was replaced by horror…..the teacher was no longer a sweet handsome boy u’d want to spend a night wid he became the angriest demon…his eyes turned black as charcoal, his nostrils flared…….any guesses wat must have happened?

Grade seven, 1994; a starkly dry afternoon, and


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