Equinox the inside peak…

“Can death have a voice? Well mine did.

When April first saw Richard she was fifteen. When Richard first saw April, she was a new born baby. As long Richard exists, April believes she will survive…..And as long as Richard exists, he will not allow her to diminish. Staying away from April is a providence Richard has to endure forever-he CANNOT love her, but staying away from her is a battle already lost at its dawn.

Please allow me momentarily gate you into the realm of the stars, when an Equinox precession, occurring after three hundred years, rigidly bottled the lives of two paradoxical beings, destining them to never part….


Richard and April’s first kiss…Sigh! Equinox, releasing this month.

He gazed down at me, “We had to meet April, it’s not a coincidence,” he whispered watching me intensely. His fingers slowly stirred over my waist. I was electrocuted badly, dramatically. Very gently he clutched my face between his palms, his fingers dug inside my hair as he tugged my face closer to his.

First kiss….hmmmmm….do you remember your first kiss? Or those of you still waiting for that first kiss, have you imagined how it’d be?

April’s first kiss is nothing disappointing uhu-uh…come on its the godly Richard Chase kissing him it can’t be disappointing…. it’s everything under passion, heat and cravings, yet it’s not a kiss she feels happy about. Her kiss is not a ‘kiss of death’ either…..yet it is a forbidden kiss! She feels nothing anyone has ever felt…..nopes u can keep thinking but u won’t get the answer…

I so want to know what she feels when Richard kissed her for the first time!