Equinox….Chapter ‘Confessions’

don_t_cry_by_laura_makabresku-d70lm6tAs soon as I opened the door my heart stopped beating.


I breathed heavily-watching my visitor in total horror. With just the few breaths that I supposed were left inside me, I landed on the floor, holding the doorpost. I put my palm over my eyes and sighed profoundly.

In seconds I was tugged at my arms, and pulled up by two handsomely masculine hands. I opened my eyes when he made me stand straight. He was wearing a sky blue button down silk shirt and faded grey skinny jeans; he stood there like the one and only, Mr Cosmos.

“Sister Mercy is on a round,” I groaned.

“I asked her to pull out Ami for me, she won’t let anyone come here until I leave,” he murmured.

“Richard you have lost it completely,” I fretfully whispered.

Trailing the scratch mark over my neck with his finger, he winced, hugging me instantly “Are you alright? I was….”

I jerked out from his grip, although my body desired to remain in this warm cuddle for ever, but neither was this the right place nor the right time and definitely not the right way.

“Go away Richard…you’ve already made your point clear, I get it, now please stop torturing me like this,” I mumbled.

Grabbing my waist he pushed me into the wall on the left side of the door in the corridor. His body pressed over mine. Tilting his head he brought his lips at the edge of my mouth. “The most important point I still haven’t spelled out to you, April. And I don’t blame your brain for not recognising my silent promises,” his eyes trailed the curves of my lips. I was already panting to breathe. His lips began trailing the curve of my neck, the back of my ears, and then again he stopped at the edge of my lips, “But, you can’t just ask me stop intruding your life. You don’t have the right to tell me I don’t have any right over you, when I relentlessly breathe inside you. When I live inside you. You just can’t ask me to do something I can’t endure.”

“I’m your destruction.”

“Yes you are and I want to be destroyed in you.”

“You are going to get us both killed someday…. I frankly speaking don’t mind dying….. but then….” I was blabbing immaterially, and Richard put a finger over my lips. He must be wondering whether I have lost my senses, how less did he know that it was something inborn.

He intertwined his fingers in my hair and brushed his lips over the scratch marks on my neck. He cringed, but didn’t say anything. I wondered what he might think of this. And then taking a back-step he unbuttoned his shirt, and I gasped. I was not only breathless but my tongue came between my teeth at the sight of his masculine leonine body, the softly virile ridges of his abdomen made my fingers churn for a touch; I wanted to trace them with my fingers and kiss every inch of it. Ugghhh…

“Wh…what are….yo..u d..oing?” I stammered.

He pulled out something and handed that to me. It was a rolled parchment which was tied with a red ribbon. I took it impulsively and looked at him in bewilderment. He kissed me on my cheeks and paused with his lips over my cheek. He groaned, turned on the left and walked away from there in a sweep of a second, leaving behind a trail of musky fragrance across the dark empty passage.

I ran inside the room, shut the door behind me and sat down on the bed. As I unlaced the red ribbon and uncurled the letter a wave of excitement filled me up…..and I read…..

I don’t know how I should say to you that what I feel for you is stronger than anything I have ever felt. The first time I saw you, it was the most unfortunate occurrence of my actuality but phenomenally I found myself forever caught in the mesmeric gaze of a pair of hazel eyes – your eyes. You have seeped within my vision since then, it was your eyes or your very survival that seized me truly, is something I still cannot decrypt. When you said that I haven’t the decency to even see you with a common impartial glance – I recoil with shame and laugh at the enigma of your simple complaint……

I never see you; yet I have observed your hair glow the colour of your eyes in the sun and when you leave them open they dance below your waist; tempting me to – I’m sorry but please understand I’m just being a human here – tempting me to passionately make love to you. Feel your warm body move sexily beneath me…..How ardently I admire your skin shine the softest of pink and your lips…your soft petal lips quiver whenever you are worried, troubled or nervous…..how many millions times I have dreamt – if I could dream – that I part them with my lips and lay them over mine incessantly, kissing you, and feeling them melt inside my mouth. I have never got enough….I will never get enough even if I kiss you for eternity……………..


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