Excerpt from Chapter one, Equinox- Where to ma’am?

I wandered out of the chamber, to withdraw to my dorm. A soon as I came at the opening of the stairs I heard someone say my name from behind me. I turned around to see who it was. My left foot remained in mid-air, at the edge of the stairs, and I gawked at him; hooked and astounded by his mysterious forceful presence. Leaning against a column in the corridor with his thumbs inside his jeans pocket, he grandly stood. Of course I was day-dreaming. But he looked so alive.
I was woozy. I closed my eyes praying.
“God please… not my bones…….”
I did not fall? Finally.
His thin silk shirt crumbled between my fingers. I factually hung at the edge of the stairs, clasping onto his shirt. I managed to steady my footing firmly seizing his shirt, and thankfully balanced myself from falling. But, mercilessly, I ended up exposing the delicate curves of a chest, which a moment ago was buttoned inside the dark purple silk shirt. His shirt buttons tortuously went sprinkling all over the stairs. Oh, his gorgeous smell was enthralling! I had never known anyone who smelled so bewitchingly enticing.
Clutching his extended hand, I tipped my head back, to shift my line of vision from his lean six-packed chest, to his face. His left hand tightly clasped my waist, and with subtle touch of fingers he hauled me closer. Oh god! He was young, around twenty two-twenty three. Ginger blonde hair fell over his pale forehead, sparsely masking his thin brows. His softly flushedthin lips, brutally seductive, curled on the sides as he smiled. My eyes traced the shape of his soft alluring lips; his tight oval jawline loosened slightly, but his features otherwise became blank.


2 thoughts on “Excerpt from Chapter one, Equinox- Where to ma’am?

  1. orezavi says:

    God lord, this is crazy! I need to read more. Where can I get your novel from. I missed the book launch at T2F today.


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