book cover(1)aRichard’s hands gently cupped the arc of my neck, “The day you evict me….” he paused, “remember, that day I shall seize inexistence.”
“No you won’t.” I denied. He arched his eyebrows, showing defiance. “Because, then I shall be waiting for you, in these skies, till the extinction of eternity to do us apart,” I breathed…..
When April came to her new orphanage-Rupert House, she was already being followed by a dark shadow, her cravings for chocolates had also heretofore augmented, she could feel his presence everywhere near her, and she was certain that she will never again get to see the boy she had seen only once on her fifteenth birthday. And who had since then never left her thoughts.
Smacked with his tempting ruggedness and a magnetic dynamism, the teenage plutocrat Richard Chase seems only a dream that never comes true. Richard’s intimacy fetched desires, which April never thought existed inside her. She began believing in fairy-tales-until the night Richard dumps her….
Wavering between shock, confusion and torment, with the nakedness of her feelings before Richard, April fell into the realm of vacuity. But, with every passing moment Richard’s presence becomes exceedingly stagnant, till he begins breathing inside her, blazing her from within. As long as she gets to see him she believes she shall survive.….Yet he shatters her to bits….
Will April’s love surpass Richard’s sudden incivility towards her? Will she get to unveil the spectral side to Richard, ever? And, when she does, will she accept his irrefutable love for her? Will their love still excel amidst the deliria of qualms?
Equinox, when the precession of stars, rigidly bottled the lives of two conflictual beings, destining them to indivisibility-there was no way for them to dart rearward, but to accept the celestial decree of kismet as it came…


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